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Travel agency ELI d.o.o.
Our goal is to offer you new possibilities for a more qualifying usage of your vacation. We are specialized for excursion programs based on smaller groups of guests. That way we open the possibilities of more comfort and easier adaptability to your requests and wishes. The programs are composed that way that they offer the possibility to become acquainted with different and very interesting locations in a new and more qualifying way.

The great mobility and flexibility of our programs offer you new perspectives to become acquainted with wider destinations away from your main holiday destination. Our employees are qualified to show you the destinations of the excursions in a qualifying way. We are very well acquainted with social, cultural, gastronomically, demographical and historical and all other characteristics of your destinations.

All employees speak English.

The programs are realized; basically, with a completely new luxurious van vehicle "Citroen" Type "Jumper". The vehicle has at its disposal two air-conditioning devices that make the journeys very pleasant. The size of the space assigned for travelers is bigger than the standard. Souvenirs and other things that you might carry with you or buy during the journey will not make you any trouble, because the space in the vehicle is intended for it and more than sufficient. The seats are very comfortable and make it possible for you to find the most appropriate position during the journey. The vehicle is equipped with high-quality music device, with a solid choice of international music that will accomplish the whole experience of the journey.

Vela Luka tour - Half- day excursion "Pleasant Afternoon"

Korcula tour -
Whole-day excursion "The Island of Korcula in a new way"

Travel to Dubrovnik -
Whole - day excursion "Dubrovnik pleasant and useful"

Medjugorje tour -
Whole day excursion " Prayer in Medjugorje"

Budva -
Whole- day excursion "Vela Luka - Budva"

Mostar -
Whole -day excursion "Old Bridge-Mostar"

Travel to Sarajevo -
Whole-day excursion "Vela Luka - Sarajevo"


The payment currencies are KN, KM (convertible Marks) and Euro. The currency exchange can be done in the exchange offices and banks in the travel destinations.
For the passing of the country border, it is necessary to have a passport.

General particulars:

- Obligatory contact and announcement of the participation in the excursion, minimum 4 (four) days before the desired tour.

- The minimum of participants, organization and realization of the excursion is six (six (persons.

- The agency retains the right to delay the excursion in the case when three number passengers are insufficient. The obligation of the agency is to inform the interested passengers about the inconvenience, at least (three) days before announced tour.

- Changes and additions of all programs are possible, with the mutual consonance and correction of the price.

- The payment is made on the gyro-account of the agency, or in cash, before departure on the tour.

- The price are valid until the possible change of the rate change, Euro to Croatian Kuna, for more that 5% of the instant valid rate change that is 1 Euro= 7,60 HRK upon the rate change of the "Croatia National Bank"

- The passengers are obliged to keep to the legal regulations in case of probable import of any goods on the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

- The passengers have the right on protection of their interests according to the Frankfurt Table

We shall comply with your interest with pleasure, as well as your desires for the organization and realization of: active vacation, recreation, traditional sports, Fisherman's evenings, visits to wine houses (with wine tasting and the possibility of more favorable shopping), and excursion upon your wishes, if they are not in our exposed program.

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