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Croatia Vacation
Island Korcula is the largest of the green islands of the Adriatic. From time immemorial it has been forested, which was why it was given the name Black Korcula during the colonisation of the ancient Greeks. The forests have for centuries been carefully protected as the timber was necessary for the valuable shipbuilding industry. Maritime contact with other parts of the Mediterranean existed two to three centuries before the time of Christ. Artisans of the ancient world used the famed stone from the small island of Vrnik. This stone was used to build many lovely Dalmatian cities as well as some of the most famous buildings such as the Basilica of St.Sofie in Carigrad, the parliament in Vienna and the townhall in Stockholm. And of course the town of Korcula was built from this same stone.
The ancient heart of the city lies on a peninsula. The reason for this position was so that from the city towers the population could more effectively monitor the navigation of galleys and sailing boats from the eastern coast of the Adriatic. The fortifications and narrow streets prove irresistible to todays visitor just as it impressed medieval writers and travel writers. One of the most famous travel writers, Marco Polo, began his lifes journey in this town. The house in which he was born has been restored and preserved, and it was also in this town that he lost his freedom. In the battle near Korcula he ws captured and taken to Genoa and then sentenced to prison. It was in prison that he wrote his book Milion about his travels to China which caused a sensation in western civilised society as they were brought into shock contact with the Far East.
The villagers on the island are renowned olive growers, fishermen, and wine producers. In some localities such produce is known to have been served during the time of the ancient Greeks. Vineyards of Blato, Lumbarda, Carsko poje and Smokvisko poje have been familiar to the wine drinking world for many, many years, and the names of some wines, for example Posip, Grk and Rukatac with their excellent quality, have been synonymous with the identity of this island.
Korcula Croatia - Destinations on the Island of Korcula
Island Korcula map
Map of Island Korcula
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Private rooms, apartments, houses and villas for hiring.
Besides in hotels the guests can be offered accommodation in private rooms and apartments. You can hire an apartment or a room near the see or in the peaceful and quite green area. Living in private rooms or apartments you have the opportunity to experience the traditional hospitality of our people
From the very beginning of tourism on the island this was the most often frequent way of staying in Vela Luka. Capacity is large and possibilities wide - from apartments and rooms to houses in robinson style and villas.
Croatian tourism has a long tradition. This is hardly surprising for those who are familiar with the beauty of Croatia. After all, the Austrians and Hungarians began the development of tourism here in the 19th century, having noticed the immense potential of the area, the healthy climate and beautiful landscapes, for pleasant holidays.
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Our Mission is simple - To bring together property owners and people who are interested in finding the perfect island vacation rental

After you have filled out one of our contact forms (booking enquiry form or contact us form), your e-mail will be received by the editorials of Apartment Vela Luka.

We contact the rent holder and notify him about your enquiry in 48 hours. In the same term, information that we have received from the rent holder (the availability, the price, etc) will be forwarded to you.

The booking of one of the apartments of your choice will be confirmed after the bank confirms your deposit payment (30% of the whole price).

The advance payment you have made during the booking of your accommodation will be preceded immediately to the rent holder and this confirms your reservation.

We will send you the confirmation of your advance payment and information how to contact the rent holder (telephone or fax number, e-mail address), and we are at your disposal until your arrival to Vela Luka.

Upon your arrival, you have to pay the rest of amount directly to the rent holder

Due to a great number of enquiries during July and August we are not always able to find an available and appropriate accommodation according to your wishes. Dear guests, we would like to ask you kindly to send your enquiries as soon as possible (at least 30 days before your date of arrival), or, please show interest in the periods before July 15th or after August 15th when the accommodation capacities are not fully booked and the prices are considerably lower.

The Editorial of Apartments Vela Luka is at your disposal for any enquiries concerning Vela Luka and the Island of Korcula during the whole year. We answer at your enquiries within 48 hours.

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Why and When

Croatia - Much has been said about the beauty of Croatia. "Heaven on Earth" has been described in many books by artists, in paintings and countless photographs. "God wanted to crown his creation, so on the last day he created the Croatian Adriatic from his tears, the stars and sea breeze", wrote an author long ago about the splendour of this most beautiful and preserved ecological corner of the modern world.

The best term for a stay at our coast is from April to October. The air temperature during the summer season reaches up to 38 degrees Celsius, and sea temperature at that time is pleasant 26 degrees Celsius high. The high-season (July and August) offers obvious advantages to guests who are interested in entertainment and excitement, but the diversity of the Croatian Adriatic coast offers enough calm oases to guests who search for a dream far away from disco club music. March brings spring sunny weather, but some unpleasant showers, too. The early autumn, September and October are ideal for guests who want a relaxing and calm holiday. Out of high-season the beaches are not overcrowded, and the accommodation prices are considerably lower, while the weather conditions stay stable and the sea temperature remains pleasant.


Island Korcula and Vela Luka - Situated on the western side of the island of Korcula in a large bay dotted with many tiny islets and surrounded by tranquil inlets, Town of Vela Luka is an oasis of Dalmatia and Mediterranean influences: mild climate, unpolluted sea and air, olive groves, fig trees, tuneful melodies.
Vela Luka is surrounded by the richness and beauty of Nature. It is the 2nd largest settlement on the Adriatic islands, a safe harbour for seafarers.

You can start your vacation in Vela Luka from May to October. Thanks to a mild Mediterranean climate, the air and sea temperatures are still pleasant for swimming and sun-bathing in May and October. Out of high-season there is not much traffic on the roads and you do not have to wait for a long time, the beaches are not overcrowded, the weather is stable and without unbearable heat, and the accommodation prices are considerably lower. The terms before July and after August are ideal for guests who want a real relaxing vacation. You can explore the island during pleasant walks or mountain biking passing by olive groves and vineyards. You can become acquainted with its rich cultural and historical sights and participate in the vintage and preparation of wine.

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