Servant of God Marija of the Crucified Jesus Petkovic

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Marija Petkovic
Servant of God Marija of the Crucified Jesus Petkovic was born December 10, 1892. in Blato. She was the sixth of thirteen children born to Marija Marinovic and Antun Petkovic. From an early age she was a lively and happy soul, showed strong natural abilities and displayed a propensity towards Godliness, obedience and mercy. At the age of fourteen she took the vow of chastity. She participated actively in the church and the elderly. To the poor, orphaned and young girls she offered spiritual and physical help. At the request of Dubrovniks bishop Msgr. Josip Marcelic the Order of Daughters of Mercy was founded October 4, 1920. the Franciscan Order with the purpose to spread for the good of all her instructions. She took responsibility for the education and upbringing of nuns, establishing help for young ladies, children in need and the sick. She founded kindergartens, day-care centres, Home Economics and sewing classes.

Since 1936 the Order continued its work in Argentina with her living there from 1940 to 1952, promoting upbringing and charity work in many countries in Latin America. She settled in Rome where she lived in the new Headquarters. In 1954 she suffered a stroke which left her permanently paralyzed. Exhausted from serving God and the poor for whom she did spiritual and earthly good with all her heart, he called her to Him on July 9, 1966.

The process of beatification began in Rome in 1989. The Holy Father Pope John Paul II confirmed the request of the Holy Commission for the beatification and decreed that her heroic virtues be publicly declared.

On July 5, 2002. The Holy Commission made a Decision of heroic virtues of Servant of God Marija of the Crucified. On December 20, 2002. it made also a Decision of approved miracle of saving 20 sailors from the sunk Peruan navy submarine Pacocha by which all conditions for beatification were fulfilled and it is expected to be in June.

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Marija Petkovic Marija Petkovic Marija Petkovic
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