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Island of Proizd
At the very entrance to the Vela Luka bay, lies the island of Proizd - one of the true pearls of the Adriatic. Nature abundantly bestowed upon it its most precious gifts: crystal clear sea, sparkling white pebbles and air rich in the soothing fragrance of Mediterranean vegetation. The untouched nature and beauty are a feast to the sense and the safest sanctuary from everyday urban living. Proizd is an oasis where the natural insticts and compulsions find their fill.
Island of Proizd   Island of Proizd   Island of Proizd

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Pinus halepensis
Pinus halepensis
The pine tree (Pinus halepensis) is a distinctly Mediterranean variety. It is spread out in North Africa and in Europe from southeast Spain to the south of France, Italy and Croatia and to Greece, Israel and Jordan. In Croatia it grows naturally on the Dalmatian islands south of the town of Sibenik and along the coast south of the town of Split. As already mentioned the pine tree is being planted in crops, parks and set out in seedlings along the whole coastline of Croatia. It is worth mentioning that a similar kind is the Pinus brutia. Some scientists consider that the pinus brutia is only a sort of the Pinus halepensis. These two sorts of pine are being crossbred, but only when the Pinus brutia is taken from the female, and the Pinus halepensis from the male parent. The crossbreeding is taking over the characteristic of both parents, so that you never be a hundred percent certain that the tree you are looking at is a Pinus halepensis.
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Island of Proizd is located 4 Nautical miles from center of Vela Luka
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