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After a whole day spent on the beach or on other places that you have enjoyed its not time to go to bed yet.Vela Luka invites you to get to know its cultural eminence, events, exhibitions, festivals, night life and houndreds of other things that are waiting to be discovered.
Vela Spila (big cave)
Mauntain of Hum
Cultural Centre
The Traditional Vela Luka Festival (Lusko Lito)
The Regatta In Honour of St John
Parish Church
Exhibition Gallery of Anka Prizmic-Sege
Chapel of Saint Vincense
Chapel of Saint John
St.George (Juraj)
Chapel of Saint Kuzma and Damjan
Chivalrous Tournament "Kumpanija"
Church of the Maid of Health
Chapel of the Maid of Conception
Vela Spila (big cave) >
Vela spilja (Big cave) is a prehistoric site located on the hill Pinski rat, 130 meters above the Vela Luka Bay. The wide entrance to the cave on its southern side and two openings in the ceiling afford enough daylight for work and sojourns at the cave. The position of the cave, its dry interior and the 1500 square meters of space inside the cave offered good living conditions in prehistoric times. This site has been systematically excavated since 1974 and so far an abundance of diverse finds has been discove­red in the 5 meters of intact layers indicating that the cave was inhabited from the pre-Neolithic period and up until the present day.
Mountain of Hum >
When we have enjoyed ourselves to the full of swimming and the sea, there are many beautiful and interesting areas in Vela Luka that are convenient for shorter and longer excursions and walks and even for more serious mounteneer undertakings. If you are in Vela Luka, you will notice from different points in the town the highest rising ground in the south-southwest in that western part of the island. That is Hum (377 altitude above sea-level), covered in greenery of the Mediterranean vegetation .
Cultural Centre >
The cultural centre is situated in the inner centre of Vela Luka under the Parish church in the old citadel of the family Franulovic. It is of greatest importance for the town from the cultural and touristic point of view. Beside the permanent set exhibition in the premises of the museum, this is the place where the academic painters of Vela Luka and amateur painters as well as artists from Croatia and the world exhibit their works. The archeological discoveries from the Big Cave (Vela Spilja) are permanently exhibited as well, and they are a big attraction and goal for the visits of foreign and domestic tourists. The atrium of the citadel is the place of the cultural events in Vela Luka – minor concerts, concerts of folk singer groups, book promotions, etc.
The Traditional Vela Luka Festival (Lusko Lito)
Regatta In Honour of St John >
Not even the oldest residents of Vela Luka remember when the first regatta in honour of St. John was held. The regatta is being held every year on June 24th from the Gradina Bay to the center of Vela Luka. On the feast of St. John the teams of the areas of Vela Luka take part and compete – male, female and juniors. The boats are being decorated with greenery on both sides and on the bow and the stern a bouquet of flowers is being put. Every team has got its characteristic uniform. Among the regattas of Vela Luka the most important is the one with the crew of the British warship H.M.S. “CERES” from 1933.
Parish Church >
The Parish church of St. Joseph is situated on a largish stoned, patterned higher square where on the western side ascend semicircled stairs. Two cypresses grow on both sides of the entrance to the square, which is fenced from the west and the north by a small stone wall. In the southwest corner of the square stands the high bell-tower, that, upon the first idea, had to be built behind the church in the axis of an apse. Judging the architectonic and artistic worthness of the church in Vela Luka it is necessary to differ two facts: the project of the building and the substance the object is made of.
Exhibition Gallery of Anka Prizmic-Sege >

In the gallery of Anka Prizmic is the rich and deversifed work of this artist represented with her best and strongest acts. For her artistic and humanitarian work and her love for Vela Luka Anka Prizmic was awarded with the “Award for her life achievemnet of the community of Vela Luka” in 1995. Anka named the gallery a “Temple of Art” and she donored all of us and above all, her hometown Vela Luka. The gallery is a place where we can see not only the numerous artistic valuables of her creativity but also the testimony of the truthful love and faith in human kind.

Mosaics >
The events, which left a deep and lasting imprint in the cultural and artistic life of Vela Luka in the second half of the 20th century were without any doubt, the International Artists Meetings initiated in 1968. After the successful termination of the First International Meeting, this small town recived in permanent ownership nearly seventy mosaics-tablets, a number of which was arranged and built into a memorial mosaic-wall in the centre of Vela Luka, some given to local companies and public institutions and the remaining later fitted in to semicircular openings and the floor of the atrium of the Cultural Centre, thus creating both an exhibition space and the decor of the building which once housed the local school.The idea of organising the International Artists Meetings in Vela Luka was born in 1967 and carried through ih the organisation of the Community Education Centre and with the financial support of business organisations from Vela Luka. The project envisaged the joint creation of mosaics and it brought together a large number of domestic and foreign artists. Their names are inscribed in the mosaics located in the centre of Vela Luka.
Chapel of Saint Vincense
The chapel of St. Vincense was built by the family Izmaeli in 1589. as a family chapel on their ground close to the citadel Izmaeli. It got its name after St. Vinko-Vincenso Ferer (St. Vincenzo Ferer), a dominicanian from Valencia in Spain who lived from 1350. to 1419. Until the erection of the parish church of St. Joseph in 1848., the chapel St. Vincense was used by the residents of Vela Luka for divine service.
Chapel of Saint John
On top of the small island St. John (Gradina Bay) there is the church of St. John, a one-fold building with a bell-tower on distaff in the middle of the front and a gothic arch in the interior. It was already mentioned in documents from the 15th century and upon oral tradition and remains of the destroyed walls, it is supposed that on this place there was a Benediction monastery with a church.
St. George (Juraj)
St. George
It is situated not far from the Tri Porte bay on a high hill, and it is prominent in the landscape. It has small dimensions, a rectangular ground plan, without an apsidal. On the narrow high facade stand a small bell-tower on distaff with an opening for one bell. The simple entrance frame roofs over the inclined profiled over entrance, and on both sides of the entrance there are small windows. The chapel is plastered from the outside, and the double-eave roof is covered with tile. A marble classical roman sarcophagus was used as an altar. It must have been found near that place. The chapel is mentioned in the land-register of the community of Korcula from the year 1427.
Chapel of Saint Kuzma and Damjan
A few kilometres away from Vela Luka on the way to Blato in the region of “Zablace” is the chapel of “St. Kuzma and Damian” situated. It was built in the first half of the 11th century on the basements of an earlychristian chapel from the 5th century. The chapel from the 5th century was built on the remains of a chatedral of a roman town that was situated in that region.
Church of the Maid of Health
Church of the Maid of Health
The church of the Maid of Health was built as a votive church at the end of the 19th century (1886). It is situated close to the sea and it points out with its locality and the expertise of its building. It is a rectangular single-boarded church with a rectangular sacrity that was built up later at the end of the church. It is built of beautifully carved and in regular lines piled stone from Vrnik. The simplified classicistic main altar is built from stone and marble with columns that carry a triangle prick. There is the big picture of "Mary's Visit to the Temple" by Ferdinand Monaccelli from Rome, made around the year 1888. On the northern walls is the neo-gothic altar of St. Franciscan situated, and on the southern wall is the neo-baroque stone altar with the picture of "The Rose Maid" made by the Dominican painter Vinko Draganja. In the nearby niche is the copper bust sculpture of don Ivan Oreb, a piece of art made by Anka Prizmic, and along the western wall above the entrance is a simple wooden choir place.
Chapel of the Maid of Conception
Chapel of the Maid of Conception
The chapel of the Maid of Conception is situated in the bay of Kale (Vela Luka), not far from the coast. It was built by the family Tabain in 1885 and their inherit ants still take care of the chapel. This small building with symmetrical proportions is situated on a concrete plateau and a couple of stairs lead to it. It has a rectangular ground-plan with a shallow apsidal and it is oriented north to south and built from bigger, regular built stone-quadrants. The altar is built from stone and decorated by geometrically shallow relief carved motives. The altar column is in fact a plaster niche in which is the worth picture of "The Immaculate Conception" placed, a piece of art made by the Dominican painter Vinko Draganja
Chivalrous Tournament “Kumpanija”
The island of Korcula is known for its numerous chivalrous tournament unions, that are engaged and during different occasions perform old chivalrous tournaments with swords. Thanks to the members of the Initial council, the hardworking and persisting practise of about twenty young men and husbands of Vela Luka, on March 19th 2001, on the feast of St. Joseph, that is celebrated as the day of the community of Vela Luka as well, exactly after 75 years, the tournament “Kumpanija” of Vela Luka was solemnly performed again. Besides the already mentioned renewal performance of the F.D. “Kumpanija”, it took part in:
- On July 4th on the international festival of chivalrous tournaments in Korcula,
- On September 2nd on the September Sunday events in Dubrovnik,
- Under the organisation of the town council of Alicante and the Consulate of the Republic of Croatia in Madrid.
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