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On this page you are going to find a detailed description of the most attractive sites for your holiday, swimming and whole day stay. You can get to know the Vela Luka archipelago and its surrounding area with high-quality photos and a short description. We do not want that your stay in Vela Luka turns into roaming and aimless saerching and that fore you should take a look at the destinations we have chosen for you.
Island of Proizd
Proizd is a jewel in the Vela Luka archipelago. Azure blue, crystal clear sea lapping pebble beaches, the smell of pine forests, nudist beaches, makes this island a tourist attraction. A 30-minute boat ride from Vela Luka, Proizd offers you an oasis of peace and tranquility from the everyday stresses of the modern world.
Island of Osjak
Sang about in many songs also known as the island of love, this part of unbelievable nature shoud not be missed if your search for a quiet and peaceful place, where you can leave your body to Mediterranean sea and sun.
Island of Trstenik
The small islands of Prznjak and Trstenik are situated 7 sea miles from Vela Luka on the south-western side of the island of Korcula, opposite the bay of Tri Porte. They are a tourist attraction with its unique beauty, a place for a whole-day stay and a popular place for fish picnic excursions. There are a few weekend houses built today, but in the past, small islands were constantly inhabited due to sheep and goat breeding.
Picena Bay
3.5 km from the center of Vela Luka lies a small pebble beache called Picena bay. It is an ideal place for your hole day spanding at the beach. If you have a kids, this is a great place for them. Lying on a pebbels you can watch the sunset over the island of Osjak.
Poplat Bay
You can reach the Poplat bay by a road that leads thought the southern part of the Vela Luka bay. The Road leads above the bays and beside the small island of Osjak, through olive groves and dense pine tree woods. There are several weekend houses built in the bay of Poplat that are at disposal for rent. The sculptor Ante Marinovic, born in Vela Luka, has his weekend house there, too. His merit is the collecting of Donated International Collection of Drawings, Graphic and Sculptures. There is also the small church of the Maid of Carmen built in the bay, and it is situated along a fertile field of vineyards and olive groves. It is surrounded by dense greenery of high cypresses. It was built as a family chapel so that the inherit ants take care of it up-to-day. Frano Petkovic Kovac and his sons Ivan and Antun built this church in 1888 on their land. The chapel was built in a modest combination of gothic and domestic way of building of ancient island churches. With its greatness, and especially height it points out among similar buildings from that time in that area. It is built of stone, but it is plastered inside and outside. The simple church façade is decorated on the corners with a little bit pointed out half-columns, there is a stone frame on the entrance, a sloping-prophylactic cornice above the entrance, a small belfry on distaff with one bell, and on the side walls there is on each side a tight, tall neo-gothic window. The altar-table is loped off in stone and decorated with parts of reddish marble.
Gradina Bay
Among many of calms that are situated in the gulf of Vela Luka we would like to point out the spacious and pleasant bay of Gradina. It is situated in the north of the gulf, not far from the town, and to it leads a 3 km long asphalt road. In that bay there are several approachable pebble beaches suitable for swimming. From the southeast and south it is protected by the small islands of Gubesa and St.John, and that fore it is a safe shelter for navigators.
Tri Porte Bay
The name Tri Porte is a joint name for three bays situated 7 km southwest from Vela Luka, and they are some of the most beautiful bays in the aquatorium of Vela Luka. From the surrounding hills that are covered with pine forest you can enjoy a beautiful view over the archipelago of the canal of Korcula.
Prigradica Gay
11 km from Vela Luka is the village Prigradica situated. Prigradica was built in the 19th century as the export-harbour for the wine and olive-oil from Blato. It is an attractive tourist resort today. There are numerous leasing houses with private apartments, a restaurant, a supermarket and the small boarding-house “Prigradica” in the bay.
Blato is historical and cultural centre of the west part of the island of Korcula. It counts about 4000 inhabitants. Beautiful resorts of Blato are Prizba, Prigradica, Grscica and Karbuni. Within the old town there is a Church of All Saints with treasure loggia and the belfry. In the church you can admire wooden choir seats from 16th century or beautiful painting of Girolamo da Santa Croce. Processional silver crucifix from 15th century is of extraordinary value. Besides there are 37 small churches and the Monastery of the Daughters of Mercy. Since 1795 Blato has been under protection of St. Vincentia. Her body is in the Chapel in the Church of All Saints. During the 3rd Pope's visit to Croatia He declared the beatification of Maria of the Crucified Jesus Petkovic.
The town of Korcula (3232 inhabitants) is the historical, cultural and political centre and the historical harbour of the island. It was built on a small peninsula that limits the passing between the island and the mainland on only 1270 metres. The possibility to supervise the navigation of galleys and sailing-vessels on this spot was the reason for the formation of the small town-fortress. It fulfilled this service for different governors. The town developed hastily from the 13th century, in the form it can be seen today. Those were the years of the origin of the Constitution, the coming of the governors Zorzi and the century of Marco Polo.
A thousand years ago, Dubrovnik was for some people just too far away. Nevertheless, even during the era when travel was a unique adventure, distance did not stop people from heeding the call of Dubrovnik. European crusades, pilgrims to Jerusalem, travel writers, messengers, adventures and those seeking new knowledge and perspective passed through or stayed. And they had no regrets. Neither does the modern traveller - the tourist. Today in Dubrovnik they arrive comfortably and easily, by plane, boat or car. Stradun, Dubrovniks central street, the jugural and meeting place of the town, is unique in its beauty. Monasteries, 17 churches and one of the oldest synagogues in Europe, offer to the visitor the religious aspect of Dubrovniks rich cultural heritage.
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